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Please contact Father Lazarus Kirigia and schedule an appointment with him at least SIX MONTHS before your desired wedding date and before you make any other arrangements.


Contact Fr. Lazarus

Homebound, Sick, or In the Hospital


Please contact Father Lazarus Kirigia if someone in the parish is in the hospital, needs the sacrament of Anointing of the Sick or is homebound and needs communion brought to them each weekend.

Contact Fr. Lazarus

Sacramental Records

 (ex. Baptismal Certificates)

If you are in need of sacramental records, please contact the Parish Office.


Contact the Parish Office


Please contact Father Lazarus  Kirigia to schedule a meeting time.

Contact Father Lazarus

Mass Intentions


If you would like a mass offered for someone's intention, please contact the Parish Office.


Contact the Parish Office

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